How can I get a membership of Finland's Family History Association?

You can become a member by filling out our membership info here. The form can also be found via the link Join at our web page. Please check that your email address is correct.

The membership is personal and cannot be transferred for instance to another family member. When you join, you have to pay the joining fee (10 euros) and the member fee for the current year (for 2015 that makes a total of 27 euros). Family societies, institutions and associations can join as supporting members with the yearly fee of 50 euros. Please note that supporting members do not get access to the member database and other member areas.

Why should I become a member?

As a member of Finland's Family History Association you are involved in a project, which is building a new kind of research environment for genealogy. By becoming a member you can enjoy member benefits, such as digitized accounts of administrative provinces, court records and 100 to 125-year-­old church records as well as of user­friendly indices. As a member you also receive our message for members with the latest news of FFHA.

Membership form can be found here. In addition, we arrange

When can I expect (insert parish here) to be found online?

The project is run by volunteers, so we can't promise that a certain parish will become available in the near future. Each digitizer chooses their own parishes, so it's up to them. If you'd like to participate and digitize a certain parish, click the Participate! ­link on the left.

Why haven't I got my password to the member pages?

Passwords will be sent automatically to our member, when his/her joining and member fee have been paid. The passwords will be sent to the email address used in the member contact information. If you have changed your email address or written it incorrectly, the passwords may have been sent to the wrong address. If you have problems in receiving the passwords please contact our treasurer at rahastonhoitaja (at)

What are all these different types of books on the site?

If you're not familiar with the different types of books, we suggest reading through the church records part of the Finland Research Guidance on the Foundation for East European Family History Studies site.

I noticed that in your database there are church records photographed from original material. How has this been possible?

One of the objectives of our association is to digitize original material when possible due to the quality and clarity of the images. The digitizing has been carried out by our volunteers in archives and parishes. By the end of June 2014 there are original sources from over one hundred parishes on our database.

How do I change the image size?

Texts and images can be enlarged by pressing your computer keyboard Ctrl key and the + key (on the numeric keypad) at the same time. It can also be done with the scroll wheel of the mouse while pressing the Ctrl key. In addition, the size of the image in the database can be changed by placing the mouse cursor over the image and pressing the mouse button to the left.

How may I publish the material on FFHA homepage?

Our publicly available material may be used, copied and linked freely. Please note that pictures and other material from our member pages are not to be copied for open use (e.g. in social media). The most convenient way of refering to our member pages is to use the link e.g. in posting.

Also for a publication copying the material, images etc. of member pages is restricted. The source should be mentioned when using our pages (also concerning our publicly available material). If you would like to have more information, please contact our association info (at)

If you'd like to suggest a new question to be answered here, you can e-mail us.