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Do you want to join our association or support its work?

If you become a member of Finland's Family History Association you'll be involved in a project, which will facilitate modern Finnish genealogy.

By becoming a member you can enjoy member benefits, such as digitized accounts of administrative provinces, court records and military records and from 100 to 125 year old church records as well as of user-friendly indices. At our member page there is also a search engine for the indexed pictures on the site (you will be able to search by farm/village name). You will get the latest news concerning the project. You can also share your skills and knowledge and participate in the project.

Leave your contact information here, after which you'll be sent instructions on how to pay the fee. When you join, you have to pay the joining and the member fee for the current year (for 2023 that makes a total of 27 euros). For new members these fees have already been added up on the invoice. When using PayPal make sure you choose the first payment option (joining fee and member fee), the second one is for renewing members, since after the first year you will have to pay just the yearly member fee. Please note that supporting members do NOT get access to the member database and other member areas! If you wish to pay more than the regular membership and still get member access, please use the donation link to do that.

Also note that membership is per calendar year, so if you join in July, the first year's fee only covers July to December and you will be billed for the next year in January. New members that join in November or December will have the next year included in their membership.

The most convenient method of payment for our international members is PayPal or credit card. Wait for the instruction e-mail before paying! It contains a reference number that you may need to e-mail us after the transaction.

If you wish to pay by money transfer, the association's Finnish bank account number is FI50 4006 1020 1467 87. You might also need these:
IBAN: FI50 4006 1020 1467 87
bic: itelfihh

When you pay include the following: Name, mailing address, e-mail address and reference number.

After you pay your member fee, you will get a confirmation message and instructions on how to access the members pages and a member number, which will be you digitizer number if you decide to start digitizing microfilms for the association.

If you have any questions related to membership fees, you may communicate directly with our treasurer by sending an email to: rahastonhoitaja (at)

You will be notified of news and events by e-mail, so be sure to update your contact information here when needed.