Member fees and other stuff

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Member fees and other stuff

Viesti Kirjoittaja jani » 17.08.2006 02:41

It might be possible (I still need to check into this) that you can pay your member fees by check. Would this make it easier for people? Or do you perfer PayPal?

At the moment we only have a handful of English speaking members and not all of them have paid their fees yet. Partly this can be blamed on out not totally trilingual system, which sends out Finnish e-mails to those who do not understand them. For that I am sorry. We are working on it, though.

I will shortly post translations to the two invoice e-mails and the welcome message, so that anyone who receives one of the e-mails can check the translation from here. I will also post a translation of the e-mail everyone received a while ago concerning our recent server failure.

If there are any other areas of the website or the association that you think need clarification, please let us know and we'll do our best to explain things better.
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