Making indices in FFHA’s image database

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Making indices in FFHA’s image database

Viesti Kirjoittaja piilahti » 12.05.2022 18:39

You can create directories in our image database directly on the website. It is possible to create directories via the Muokkaa (Edit) link in the top bar of the image in the image database. To move the editing frame, position the mouse cursor on the gray border of the frame, and then press the left mouse button.

Instructions for creating a directory can also be found in the Digitization (Digitointi) section of our homepage (in Finnish; ... lomake.htm).

Please note that the text should be written exactly like it is in the source. If the current spelling of the place name is known, it can be written in angle brackets so it will be in gray. Avoid using capital letters, exclamation marks, and "sama" (meaning "same") notations. Use regular parentheses only if done in the original text. Commas are inserted between words, mainly when it comes to distinguishing a thing or a personal name from the previous one.

Because the directories are easy to edit, we ask that you respect the input of the previous index author and edit the previous entries only to the extent necessary.

A warm thank you to everyone who works with directories!