Join the team!

The project to bring archived material online is an enormous undertaking and you too can help us.

If you're interested in helping, e-mail us!


You can scan microfilmed material if you have a microfilm scanner at your disposal. Your local library, archive or family history center might have one. The scanner must be connected to a PC, so you can save the scanned pictures onto the hard drive and then transfer them to CDs or USB memory sticks.

If this is something you're able to do and want more information, e-mail us!

Index makers

We are looking for people who can make indices for the communion books. If you know a certain parish or are able to read old handwriting, you can help us with this.


We need people who can help us promote the association.

You can


To manage our database we use MySql and PHP. If you're familiar with both, you're welcome to join our database team.