Digitizing archived material and transferring the pictures into our Archives

You can submit all sorts of material to our digital archives. All the publicly accessible material in the archives is older than 125 years. E.g. the newer church records (100-125 years old) can be used at our search database by our members.

A great deal the material is digitized from microfilms. Some libraries and archives have the necessary equipment and software to scan microfilms and save the pictures. Ask your local library if they have the needed equipment.

A part of the sources have been photographed from the original church records by our volunteers. to increase the quality of the material. FFHA has several digital camera sets for digitizing the material.

Since we don't have any active English speaking digitizers yet, we haven't translated the instructions yet. If you want further instructions, please e-mail us at info (at) sukuhistoria.fi.