Court records

Databases of the court records are search engines to find individuals in the records of district courts.

There are three distinct databases for different historical regions:

All databases cover only the Swedish period (ca 1620­-1809). The persons can be searched according either to their social standing (in Finnish arvo), first name (etunimi), family name (sukunimi) and its normalized form (normaalimuoto) or home village (kotikylä).

Search engines are available to all, but the image links will open only to FFHA members. Savo and Western Finland databases will continue to grow, so the search results do not yet cover the entire digitized material. The terminology of the database is in Finnish while the language of the documents is Swedish.

The databases of Savo and Käkisalmen lääni have been compiled by Varkauden Seudun sukututkijat, a local genealogical society

RAHAD is a collection of court records which are not easily available or are less well-known. These 17th and 18th century sources are mainly from Häme, Pirkanmaa and Satakunta regions. The material has been digitized by University of Tampere in co-operation with Jalmari Finne Foundation

Savonia court record database
Western Finland court record database
Kexholm province court record database