Provincial Accounts and other sources

Census records

You can find some 18th century census record samples below.

Census records are lists of individuals (usually from 15 to 63 years old) who paid a personal tax (in Finnish henkiraha).

The oldest census records (from 1634) are found in the sheriffs accounts, a series of tax records from 1540-­1634. Census records from 1635 to 1808 can be found in the provincial accounts, which replaced the sheriffs accounts. All census records have been microfilmed and can be found in the archives with the help of a book called Luettelo henkikirjamikrofilmien käyttökopioista 1634­-1808 (A list of microfilm copies of census records 1634­-1808, published in Finnish) and via this link.

If someone wants to submit this material we will accept it gladly. If you're interested in digitizing census records for us, please contact us first.

The sample here contains pages from the Kymi district census records taken every ten years or so. This is the material given us in its entirety, if you need to access records from the years not presented here, you need to view the microfilm copies or the digitized material. The Kymi district has census records from the following years: 1638­-39, 42, 44­-52, 54, 55­-60, 62-­63, 65­-69, 73, 75­-76, 78-­80, 82, 88, 90, 93-­94, 97, 99, 1700­-12, 23­-28, 30­-39, 43­-

Sheriffs accounts (ca 1540­-1634)

Sheriffs accounts were made by the crown officials from the late 1530 until 1634 including various records, for instance land registers, tithe records and lists of fines. Accounts of some provinces (in Finnish voutikunta) are available in the FFHA database.

Military records

In the FFHA database you may also find records of military service in Finland sorted by regiment. It includes e.g. inspection and recruitment lists mainly from 1720's to 1809. There are also some samples from the 17th century.


The idea of the section Miscellaneous is to gather sources that might interest genealogists, for instance private archives, diaries and genealogical collections. If you have digitized material which you would like to share with our members or you would like to photograph such sources, please contact us: info (at) We also like to have suggestions about suitable materials for digitizing.