​ Membership invoices of 2022

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​ Membership invoices of 2022

Viesti Kirjoittaja piilahti » 11.02.2022 14:42

The membership invoices for the current year will be sent in stages by within the following days starting this weekend (February, 12-13). Inquiries related to invoices are requested to be sent to our treasurer Eija Liitiäinen (rahastonhoitaja (at) sukuhistoria.fi). Please check your spam folder before contacting us.

If the name or e-mail address connected to your PayPal payment do not match the information on your membership application, please e-mail this reference number to us to our treasurer ( rahastonhoitaja (at) sukuhistoria.fi ). Without the reference number we might not be able to connect the payment to the member if the e-mails don't match.

In other cases related to membership and payment matters, e.g. problems logging in to the image database we advice to contact our treasurer.