Reserving new work?

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Porvoo Grandchild
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Reserving new work?

Viesti Kirjoittaja Porvoo Grandchild » 24.12.2008 01:54

Hello, I am currently researching my Porvoo/Borga genealogy. I noticed under the "upcoming" link on the main page that there is a link to "reserve new work". What does this mean? Does it mean that volunteers like me scan your microfilm, or do we have to obtain the microfilm ourselves and scan it?

I am having trouble finding porvoo/borga microfilmed church records here in the United States. I guess I am just on the lookout for any opportunity to obtain the records, even if it means scanning them (which is virtually no trouble at all).

Thanks for the help!

Rob Williams

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Re: Reserving new work?

Viesti Kirjoittaja jani » 24.12.2008 04:33

Hi Rob,

Reserving work means that the person making the reservation has plans to digitize the material. We ask them to fill out the form so that we can add it to the Upcoming material page, so no one else digitizes the same material. The volunteer has to obtain the microfilm/fiche themselves and scan it, then send the scanned images to us. We just co-ordinate the scanning and publish the scanned books.
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