The recent server failure

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The recent server failure

Viesti Kirjoittaja jani » 17.08.2006 02:46

As promised, here is the e-mail describing our server problems (July 4th-21st).

The Digiarchive server went on the blitz on the evening of July 4th, 2006 due to maintenance work done on the electric network in the service provider's warehouse. We managed to get the server up and running on July 21st around 9:50 AM. We apologize for the website being offline for so long.

We had to change the motherboard, harddrives, operating system, database system, etc. So we basically replaced all the hardware.

We managed to get the web pages and digital archives online around July 21st, but the e-mail mailing list, php-forum and Wiki-pages were still not working. A new version of the forum is now operational( and the Wiki-pages are up again ( We are retiring the mailing list and replacing it with the forum. This is done mainly to cut down junk mail on the list.

The Wiki-pages are restored to what they were before the breakdown, including any usernames, but the forum has been entirely reinstalled. The previous messages are still saved in our database, but moving them onto the new board might be too much work considering the little benefit coming from it (the board was only in use for a short time before the breakdown). Or it might be very easy. We are still working on it.

On behalf of the Digiarchives maintenance, much relieved

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