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Kuopio/Kaavi or Turku

Lähetetty: 10.10.2020 00:32
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Good afternoon from Hawaii,

I have been able to find a lot of info on my family on my mom's side on this site but I know for sure which towns they were born and raised. However, on my dad's side, I am struggling. My great-grandmother Aleksandra Maria Laakso arrived to USA in 1907 (born 6 December 1874, married 1906 in Finland). I know she had a sister (Sanni Laakso married Kalle Bruun) born 1884, died 1971, possibly died in small farm near Kuopio. The oldest son was a bishop in the church from 1944-1974 in Kaavi.

My great-grandmother Aleksandra was said to be a school teacher in Finland before she married Matti Saari (possibly named Hermasson before going to USA) in 1906 and went to USA. I have a photo of her taken in a photo studio in Tampere. I have no idea where she came from other than these clues. I am not sure where to go to find out information about her, her parents, or anything else. I am not sure any way to find out more information. Can anyone help me? I looked at the Archives of Tampere, Kuopio, and Kaavi.

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Lähetetty: 10.10.2020 16:51
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In the American I found out that Maria Aleksandra was born in Ikaalinen, the birth date is all right, Dec 6th, 1874 ... 79/261.htm - her parents are in Osara farm, farmhand David Henriksson (Henrik's son) and his wife Karolina Mattsdotter (Matt's daughter). At that time they did not have yet family names in western Finland, very seldom.

Ikaalinen is near Tampere.

Here you see the whole family ... 03/713.htm and Susanna is not yet born. The children are Hilma, Josefina, Matilda, Maria Aleksandra, Hilja Paulina and David Erland. The next books are within the membership area, the family still in Osara, part of them have taken the family name Laakso, the younger ones are Susanna Karolina in 1884 and Lauri Sakari in 1889. ... 3&pnum=966 The time 1891-1900 here ... &pnum=1208 - and really, Maria Aleksandra has been working as a teacher in Mouhijärvi in kiertokoulu which preceded the local elementary schools. During the time 1901-1910 she was still teaching ... 9&pnum=104
(I hope I got all the links ok. I think it is worth spending a 10+17 euros for getting the details, next year it is just 17...)

Tuula K

According to some newspaper lines, Pentti Evijärvi was a vicar (kirkkoherra) and later on rovasti (a title which older clergymen receive, not a bishop) in Kaavi, for a longer time. He died in 1991. He had changed his name from Bruun to Evijärvi in 1935. He went to school in Kuopio. I suspect that the place where the Bruuns lived was Muuruvesi.

You can maybe get more information via Pentti Evijärvi's son Lauri. I think I have found his address and I am sending it to you privately. Evijärvi is not common as a family name.

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Lähetetty: 11.10.2020 07:46
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You might be interested in newspaper clippings on Maria Aleksandra Laakso.

The first one tells that she has been chosen as a teacher to Mouhijärvi western kiertokoulu among 32 applicants ... son&page=3

In between here I try to explain what kiertokoulu was, it could be translated as ambulant school. It was a form of education arranged by the church. As the school did not have a building of its own, it moved from village to another and was working in buildings that had space for it.

Another clipping in 1909 on the school, the teacher and her pay. ... so&page=31
"Ikaalisten krtk=kiertokoulu in Ikaalinen
2. The second area. Address: Ikaalinen, Riitiala. Distance to school appx 10 km, to railway station appx. 50 km. Amount of pupils as before (in the previous 1. area: in 1877 1 ambulant school, in 1882 2, in 1886 3, in 1896 3 + pk (I assume it is pikkulasten koulu, little children's school), in 1905 5+1). Term from Sept 3 to May 26. Pay: 276 mk and 350 litres of rye, appx 49 mk, makes 325 mk (when rearranged there will be only money pay, 300 mk.) There are pupils in average for 2 classes (maybe; it says nowhere what klm means) and they are of age 6 to 12. Teacher: Maria Aleksandra Laakso, born Dec 6 in Ikaalinen. Ambulating school seminar in 1891 (another abbreviation, I guessed). Teacher in Pyhäjärvi, Uudenmaan lääni (the area of present Forssa), Mouhijärvi, started here in 1900. Has passed the Haapavesi school of plant gardening and cooking."

There are more, you can try yourself, maybe just "Aleksandra Laakso" or just Tampere newspapers: ... =RELEVANCE

Tuula K

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Lähetetty: 11.10.2020 19:38
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Here's a little more information. Lots of links to watch. I hope you belong to the Finland's Family History Association, because some of the links are only open to members. ... &pnum=1208
Maria Aleksanda in Ikaalinen, move to Pyhäjärvi (Karkkila) 1895 ... 73&pnum=58
Sandra Laakso move to Pyhäjärvi Ul (Karkkila) 1895 ... 8&pnum=282
Maria Laakso in Pyhäjärvi ... 49&pnum=32
Maria Aleksandra's move to Mouhijärvi ... 4&pnum=362
Maria Aleksandra in Mouhijärvi ... 49&pnum=59
Migration entry from Mouhijärvi back to Ikaalinen ... &pnum=1208 ... 9&pnum=104
Maria Aleksandra In Ikaalinen married to page 1450 ... 8&pnum=452
Matts Hermansson (Matti Hermanninpoika) Saari and Maria Aleksandra ... 3&pnum=171
Matt's move information from Karvia, number 21 Saari(mäki) ... 63&pnum=98
Matts Hermanninpoika Saari and Maria Aleksandra Laakso, wedding information 21.7.1909 ... 9&pnum=100
[In this picture is Susanna (Sanni) Laakso with her unmarried son Pertti Ilmari Susannapoika later Evijärvi born 13.3.1909 in Turku] ... 3&pnum=180
(Susanna and Pertti 1909 to Tuusniemi, number 148) ... 81&pnum=53 ... 71&pnum=94 ... 73&pnum=67
Susanna and Pertti in Tuusniemi
Matts' birth information 7.3.1870 ... 5&pnum=490 ... 7&pnum=447
Matts' family in the church books ... 8&pnum=474 ... 8&pnum=491 ... 8&pnum=117 ... 8&pnum=382 ... 0&pnum=412
Matts' in the church books and move to Ikaalinen 1909
Matts' father Hermann's birth information 27.2.1828 (baptized 2.3.1828)
(27.2.1828/2.3.1828 Kallionkieli Rinnetmäki Drg: Matts Göransson Regina Mattsd:r Herman)
Matts' mother Stina Caisas's birth information 21.10.1833 (baptized 27.10.1833)
(21.10.1833/27.10.1833 Kihniö Trp. Isaac Redutt Stina Jeremias´dtr Stina Caisa)
Herman and Stina Caisa married 1.1.1854 ... 3&pnum=346 ... 5&pnum=490 ... 7&pnum=447 ... 8&pnum=491 ... 0&pnum=538
Church records, in the latter both Herman and Stina Caisa die ... 76&pnum=16
Herman 6.3.1900 number 11 ... 76&pnum=17
Stina Caisa 17.9.1900 number 50 ... 24&pnum=23
Birth information of Hermann's father Matts Jöransson
Birth information of Regina Matssdotter, Hermann's mother¨
Married 3.11.1827 Kallionkjeli Rinnetmäki Drg: Matts Göranss: Pig: Regina Mattsd:r Rinnetmäki
Regina with her parents, Regina has the wrong date of birth
28.9.1792/30.9.1792 Watula Kuti Dr: Matts Simonsson Maria Mattsd:r Maria
2.9.1794/7.9.1794 Watula Kuti Matts Simonsson Maria Mattsd:r Anna Catharina
6.12.1795/8.12.1795 Watula Kuti Matts Simonsson Maria Mattsd:r Anna Maria
15.3.1798/7.3.1798 Watula Kuti Inh: Matts Simonss: Maria Mattsd:r Maria Sophia
8.4.1802/11.4.1802 Vatula Kuutti Inh: Matts Simonss: Maria Mattsd:r 33 CaisaLisa
7.10.1804/9.10.1804 Vatula Kuutti Inh: Matts Simonss: Maria Mattsd:r Isaac
30.7.1807/2.8.1807 Vatula Kuutti Inh: Matts Simonss: H:u Maria Mattsd:r Regina
11.11.1810/12.11.1810 Vatula Kuutti Inh: Matts Simonss: Maria Mattsd:r Maria Justina
Married 16.9.1792 Jemij: Salawa Matts Simonsson B:d:r Maria Mattsd:r
Hermann's parents in the church book, note Matts Jöransson has the wrong date of birth here
In this book, Matts is said to be the brother of Michel Jöransson and the sister of Hedvig Jörasdotter, at which point the date of birth does not match.
12.7.1782/14.7.1782 Kovelammi Dg: Jöran Jöranss: Marg: And:d:r 27 Hedv: Lov:
13.9.1785/18.9.1785 Kovelammi Dg: Jöran Jöranss: Marg: And:d:r 31 Michael
23.8.1790/5.9.1790 Kangasniemi Jöran Jöransson Margeta Andersd:r 36 Matthias
13.12.1795/16.12.179 Kangasniemi Jöran Jöransson Marg: Andersd:r Anna Lisa
Jöran Jöransson and his family
Jöran's birth information 15.5.1751
15.5.1751/19.5.1751 Kallionkieli Jöran Ulfält Maria Joh:d:r Georgius
Jöran Jöransson's parents
Jöran Ulfälts' family, Anna Mattsdotter is her mother. Jöran is a soldier
Married 18.11.1739 Jöran Ullfält P: Maria Johansd:r Reko

Jöran Ulfält belonged to the Pori Infantry Regiment, Kyrö Company's Rote number 64 Kalliokieli ... 0&pnum=421 ... 1&pnum=148 ... 6&pnum=450
Jöran Ulfält's military document 577/64. Deceased 10 March 1768.
Buried 27 March 1768 – Ikaalinen (Jöran Andersson Ullström)

I think you get enough information from these that you know where to look for more.
I think also that the income you reported to the USA is wrong, because Matts and Aleksandra get married in Finland in 1909 and the son Orni is apparently born in 1910 in the USA.
Regards Paula ... ID=1501729
For example, type Sanni Bruun or Maria Alexandra in the search field to get more information
If I calculated correctly that Georg John Saari born in 1913 will be your grandfather. ... n&n=ulfalt
Here you will also find a lot of information about your ancestors
I think you could get more information by contacting Jani Koski.

These are also worth checking out
Hiski Project
Digital Archives
Digital index

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Lähetetty: 12.10.2020 19:38
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I was adding the family to my database, I'll post when I'm done. :)

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Lähetetty: 16.10.2020 00:05
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This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for all your work and help! I can't believe all of this! I am just astounded. Thank you!


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Lähetetty: 20.10.2020 23:22
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I now have some of her maternal lineage on my tree. ... er&n=osara