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Ullrika born 06 May 1776 Paldamo

Lähetetty: 04.10.2018 07:23
Kirjoittaja Katie
Ullrika was born illegimate and her birth entry does not show a father. I have listed below the link of the original entry of her birth and it shows her mother Carin Gustavi Leinotar. Could you please try to list the names under the mother and tell me their relationship to Carin and Ulrika. I have no parents or grand parents for Carin and it would be nice to have. ALSO: the 3 columns to the right of Ullrika's name can you tell me what they mean and was she born 06 May 1776?
Thank You
Ullrika is the right page 4th entry down. ... 8&pnum=169

Re: Ullrika born 06 May 1776 Paldamo

Lähetetty: 06.10.2018 18:12
Kirjoittaja Katie
Is somebody able to translate the names on this birth entry. I have included the link to the original document and I have added the entry to this screen.

Re: Ullrika born 06 May 1776 Paldamo

Lähetetty: 07.10.2018 20:25
Kirjoittaja Marinka
Paldanius(village) Carin Gustavi Leinotar Ulrika 28 (Age) Maii 6 7 idem okäta
Ulrika has born on 6th May Babtised on 7th by same ,on upper row you can see the name of the Priest, Appelgren

The names under are godparents, there are no relations marked to Carin or with each others
Johan Hurskainen, Brita Leinotar
Jöran Härmä, Carin Leinotar
Johan Leinonen, Maria Forsen

There has marked that Carin is Gustavi so Gustav toughter

I think I found her on communion book 1773-1778 page 142 Paldanniemi Klockare
In the mid of the page
Sold Dr Johan Leinonen 1750
Lägrad syster Catharina 1748
Oäkta dotter Ulrika 5/6 1776

There seems to her Brother Johan soldier, Ulrika has moved to Paldamo on 1776, from somewhere
Below seems to be their step mother Margareta Moisatar

With this informaatio I think Carin is in previous communion book 1767-1772 on page 20 and her parents are Klockare Gustav Leinonen and his first wife Carin Hurskatar.

Re: Ullrika born 06 May 1776 Paldamo

Lähetetty: 08.10.2018 03:27
Kirjoittaja Katie
Thank You Marinka for getting back to me. You were able to get me some great information that will help me build a better record for Carin and her daughter.
Thanks again, I appreciate your help.