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swedish map names

Lähetetty: 23.08.2018 05:07
Kirjoittaja laaja
I am looking at a Moving Record/Muuttokirjoja 1777-1811 for an ancestor from Paskunda who married at St Carins/Kaarina neat Abo/Turku in December 1803. I cannot find Paskunda zooming in on my map on Is it possible it is a Swedish word as the husband's address was 'from Tammerfors'/ Tampere? There are no records available for Paskunda in the Church Records section of either Kaarina or Turun (which I assume is Turku).

Re: swedish map names

Lähetetty: 23.08.2018 10:10
Kirjoittaja JaskaS
SSHY member pages have available records for Kaarina, including Paskunda (later Finnish spelling Paaskunta): ... 01&pnum=24
If you are not a member, you find the same from NA site:
There is Anna Johansdotter b. 24/12 1783 with note: Tammerf 1803
You can search for records on National Archives.

The only reference to the name in modern map seems to be a street address Paaskunnankatu in Turku.

:) Jaska

Re: swedish map names

Lähetetty: 04.10.2018 19:00
Kirjoittaja Katie
Jaska, I was looking at my posts and found one among them that is not mine - this one. It's from laaja. Thought you should know in case they are waiting for an answer. Here is what my screen looks like