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Juho Maunumäki family

Lähetetty: 07.08.2018 03:03
Kirjoittaja Katie ... 6&pnum=164
The link above for Juho Maunumäki family - shown as 2nd family on the page - shows a daughter named Amanda Sofia born 1880 Oct 6 with her name crossed out. She was an illegimate birth and Greta was her mother. May not have married Juho but they had 2 daughters together. I have not had a chance to look for their marriage, if it happened. My question is, why would Amanda's name be crossed out? Her legitimate status, or she did immigrate to America in 1904.Please advise on Amanda's entry.
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Re: Juho Maunumäki family

Lähetetty: 07.08.2018 10:05
Kirjoittaja tuulacu
Amanda was crossed out because she moved to another page, 18, see the end of the row: ... 96&pnum=15
from there she supposedly moved to America, the scribbling is not very clear at the end of the row but I think Am it says.
- anyway, the text Juhont/Juho's daughter is crossed over here, so she is just Greta's, born in Erkkilä. Also, in the link you gave, it says "vaimon äpärä/wife's illegitimate" above Amanda and "yhteiset/common" above the next daughters.

Juho and Greta got married in Oct 29, 1882: ... 36&pnum=83
- Greta's "family name" was then Torvi, born Oct 9, 1850. They got wed by vice chapelain Wilhelm Wigelius

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