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Abraham Karvonen or Karwonen

Lähetetty: 04.06.2018 07:39
Kirjoittaja Katie
I found the above ancestor death entry in an Hiski record as 1688 Paltamo. The only link it has is to a Tilit (Accounting) but I am unable to locate him because the writing is very hard to read. I am attaching the Hiski record and the FFHA Paltamo Tilit screen and hope you can find his name in the list and what it means or says. Can you find a communion entry around his death that would show the date he died and also mention of his family members. I can't find records in the late 1600's so there may not be any.
Good Luck in your search.
Janice Horton

Re: Abraham Karvonen or Karwonen

Lähetetty: 04.06.2018 08:27
Kirjoittaja tuulacu
These records do not contain any information on family members or death date, just that the person is buried, how much was paid for the burial and some details on it. And there are no communion books from that time, sorry.

You will find Abraham's burial on image 16, the third person on the left. Just like in HisKi: "Abraham Karwonen, för klock(or) och båårkl(äde), 24" meaning that the bells were rang and a wrap/cover used when taking him into the grave, the cost of it was 24 (have no idea what kind of money that was, not very much anyhow compared to some fines in the same list of incoming money).

The entry MAY be from years 1690-91, as the image 15 is from 1689-90 if I read right, and on the right of the image 16 you have a date of 1691.

Tuula K

Re: Abraham Karvonen or Karwonen

Lähetetty: 06.06.2018 21:35
Kirjoittaja Katie
Thank you Tuula for your help, I knew there would be very little information going into the 1600's, and I appreciate your taking the time to check out the available information.
Thank you again, Janice