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Migration of Anna Kähkönen 1901

Lähetetty: 09.03.2018 23:14
Kirjoittaja Katie
I need help. I contacted the Facebook Finnish Genealogy Group and they were unable to find a passenger list for me and I hope you can. I have attached the Institute of Migration passenger information of her leaving Finland. She left 23.03.1901 aboard the Arcturus. Supposedly out of Hanko and I am assuming she was heading for perhaps Copenhagen - Hull - Liverpool to board another ship to cross the Atlantic. I found so much information about the Arcturus but no passenger lists. Her sister Eva Lisa Kähkönen left Finland 20.1.1899 aboard the Astraea and I can not find a passenger list for that ship either. I found the ships, lots of information about the ships, but not a single passenger list. These 2 ships and others were owned by the FÅA - Finnish Steamship Co. I would hope that those passenger lists would have the next ship they were to take or the Ocean Liner they were to use then I could try to match it up with a date. Here's the form. Hope you can find the ships lists. May I suggest, before sending me a link open it up to make sure there are names on it. All I've gotten are descriptions of the ships.
Thank You and good luck.

Re: Migration of Anna Kähkönen 1901

Lähetetty: 08.06.2018 14:16
Kirjoittaja Asko_A
Hi Katie,

As you said the Arctures left from Hanko 23.3.1901 to the Copenhagen and then the Hull.
Here is a local newspaper front page. ... 423?page=1

Travel time to Hull and then possibly the Liverpool was about 5 days.
I know that because my great-grandfather travel 1902 on same route.
Also many Finns whose destination was Hancook, MI traveled first to Quebec / Montreal, Canada and then to Usa.
Travel time from Liverpool to Quebec was about 9-10 days.

So if you look passengers list from the Canada. ... earch.aspx
Ship from the Liverpool departure about 28.3.1901 and arrival to Canada about 6.4.1901.

Now you have a time frame and possible destination.

I have been follow my great-grandfather travel from Hanko to the Montreal. But after that travel route is mystery.
It could be possible that he was using train from Montreal to Sault ste. Marie then some lake boat to Copper Harbor, MI Usa.


Re: Migration of Anna Kähkönen 1901

Lähetetty: 08.06.2018 16:55
Kirjoittaja Katie
Thank you so much for getting back to me. I'll check out the links and see if I can connect some dots. I appreciate the time you took to send me the links.