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Lars and Margareta Heickinen residence 1755

Lähetetty: 29.01.2018 22:12
Kirjoittaja Katie
Lars and Margareta Heickinen lived in the Paltamo area. They had 10 children and I found Lars and Margareta and the first 5 of their 10 children in the communion book. I know we Americans make a mess out of where people live and how the proper wording should be and we need some education. Here is a perfect example that confuses me and I'm sure it's probably the same place they always lived. I found it in the FFHA lookup under Paltamo Communion books 1761-1766: Image 354.jpg page286Hyrynsalmi Kerälä 4, Turpela sivun alareuna. And here is the link: ... 7&pnum=354

Would I enter as their residence: Hyrynsalmi Kerala 4 Turpela Paltamo Oulu and can will you please break down each of the names and how they relate to each other? And should I always use the communion book wording?

Education is hard.
Please review.
Thank You

Re: Lars and Margareta Heickinen residence 1755

Lähetetty: 29.01.2018 23:02
Kirjoittaja Marinka
Paltamo is the parish our county if you prefer that. I would not use Oulu in here because it is a city and it is not located next to Paltamo. Hyrynsalmi is the name of the village in Paltamo. Kerala number 4 is the name of the main farm in that area. Already that time the farms were devided smaller farms and the name of the farm/house is Turpela where the family lived.

Communioin book names are okay, but in old times they might have been written differently than today f.ex järvi (lake) has been written jerfvi or niemi as njemi. Some places the names were written in swedish form in old times even the place has been finish speaking even then. So there is no simple rules for names of the places or peoples how to write them for your notes.


Re: Lars and Margareta Heickinen residence 1755

Lähetetty: 30.01.2018 02:18
Kirjoittaja Katie
Thanks Marinka for the information. Interesting and I've got some updating to do. I keep forgetting about Oulu being a city. Don't know why. I see that the names can be spelled differently but I'm learning how to read old Finnish. Only taken about 10 years.
Thanks again.